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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Edge Dental Solutions Manufacture Digital Dentures?

Yes. Our digital division is a full service digital design and manufacturing center. We are equipped to handle all digital workflows, including milled and printed removable prosthetics.

If I Have My Own In-House Manufacturing, Can I Use Edge Dental Solutions For My Designs Only?

Yes.  Edge Dental Solutions is an open platform designed to send cases to any manufacturer that is requested.

Does Edge Dental Solutions Post Manufacturer Price Lists?

No. Each manufacturer is responsible for communicating their own price list to their customers.

If I Am A Manufacturer, How Do I Receive Files From Edge Dental Solutions?

Once you sign up, we will provide you with Edge Dental Solutions login information. We can currently receive files through LabStar, EasyRx, 3Shape Communicate.

How Long Will Edge Dental Solutions Store My Cases?

2 Years.  Your cases will be stored on Edge Dental Solutions for 2 years… Oh and its free!

What Type Of Appliances Does Edge Dental Solutions Design?

Edge currently provides design services for removable appliances, this includes dentures, partials (flexible and RPD), overdentures, splints, custom trays.

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